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What is Defensive Driver Training?

Defensive driving is an advanced style of driving that limits the likelihood of being involved in a collision or incident through increased observation and anticipation skills. Through this advanced driving, technique drivers create a ‘safety bubble’ around their vehicle and can identify risks and control road situations to avoid potential hazards.

Our Defensive Driver Training Courses are designed to upskill your drivers’ skills and techniques to help them stay safe when driving for work. This training will improve their awareness and anticipation skills amongst other defensive driving techniques, to create a ‘safety bubble’ around their vehicle to protect themselves and other road users.

Defensive driver training can benefit your business in a variety of different ways, including increased levels of driver safety. Further to this, defensive driver training can help to reduce wear and tear on your vehicles and improve fuel efficiency. This helps to ensure that your vehicles can operate efficiently, saving your business both time and money.

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What Can Defensive Driver Training Do For My Business?

Defensive driver training is a benefit to any business that have drivers or employees who drive for work.  Whether you have a few vehicles or a full fleet, this type of training can help keep your drivers and other road users safe. Our defensive driver training courses will upskill your drivers’ driving ability, reducing the likelihood of them being involved in a road traffic accident. This helps to eliminate some avoidable costs to your business and will improve your level of service to your customers by ensuring that your vehicles are running efficiently.

Training Can Help Save Your Business Money

Defensive driver training helps your business by creating safer and more skilled drivers. Our defensive driver training is to an international standard and upskills your drivers, which can bring a whole host of other benefits for your business. Through our training, your drivers will become more fuel-efficient,  will have improved awareness and anticipation skills, helping them to avoid hazards, and will adopt a driving style that puts less strain on your vehicles, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

All of our defensive driver training courses are designed to suit your business needs. We will provide training around the availability of your drivers, to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your business, allowing you to focus on your daily operations. The training we can provide ranges from basic checks on your driver’s skills and credentials, alongside a risk assessment, to a bespoke course with presentations and one-to-one driver vehicle training. This training can be delivered across a range of vehicles, including, cars, vans, buses and trucks.

Defensive Driver Training Can Include:

Eyesight Check - DDT

Eyesight Check


Driving Licence Check

Vehicle Safety check - Defensive Driver Training Kenya

Vehicle Safety Check

Classroom Training - Defensive Driver Training

Classroom Theory Training

Observation Training - Defensive Driver Training

Observation Training


Awareness Training

Spatial Awareness Training - Defensive Driver Training

Spatial Awareness Training

Speed Awareness Training

Speed Awareness Training

Country Roads - Kenya

Rural Road Training


Highway Training


Post Collision Training

Vehicle Controls

Vehicle Controls Training

What Are The Benefits Of Driver Training?

Defensive driver training has many benefits and can help your business in a variety of different ways. Safer and more skilled drivers, help to reduce the risk of incidents occurring, improve employee safety, and help save your business money.

  • A Reduced Risk To Drivers:
    • Unskilled drivers are a risk to themselves, your business, and other road users. Through defensive driver training, your drivers will gain and develop a range of skills that will allow them to reduce their likelihood of being involved in an incident. This helps to ensure that your drivers and vehicles are safe and can continue to deliver your services. Better drivers also promote a positive company image, which can help make your business more.
  • Fewer Incidents:
    • Skilled drivers, help to reduce the risk to your business, with the likelihood of incidents decreasing significantly. This contributes to a range of benefits, from improved employee and business safety to a reduction in running costs. Fewer incidents may also help to reduce insurance costs.

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